Tiffany Kelly, Founder and CEO of Curastory: Changing the Game for Women

Tiffany Kelly is the founder and CEO of Curastory. Before the startup world, she joined ESPN Stats & Information Group as a Sports Analytics Associate, where she created ESPN’s College Football Fan Happiness Index. She was the first African-American analyst to join the team.

Throughout her tenure with the leading sports multimedia company and her stint with LSU Athletics, she became an advocate for harmonizing sports, creativity, human traits, and data science. When she’s not working, you can find Tiffany chopping onions in the kitchen making different cuisines to destress, and working out to every Alex Toussaint workout on Peloton

However, the road hasn’t been easy as a self-taught, black, female programmer in a bleak, male-dominated industry. On this episode of The Grit Daily Podcast Kelly explained her one, sole purpose on this planet is to inspire anyone and everyone to share their individual stories with the world, to have ownership over those stories, and to empower them to do so with her technological skillset.

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