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England captain Heather Knight on the rain hitting the Women’s Ashes: “You can complain about it and let it get to you or admit it is not in your hands and do what was wrong”, Australia will keep the Ashes if they do. win a four-day weekly match in Canberra

Last Updated: 23/01/22 8:13 am

Heather Knight says T20 clean-up could force her team to be more aggressive in the Women’s Ashes Test

England captain Heather Knight said the end of the Women’s As20 T20 could force her team to become more aggressive in the independent game in Canberra.

The second and third T20 games this weekend in Adelaide were marred by rain, with only 4.1 overs possible on Saturday before Sunday’s game without a ball.

Australia leads the way in the 4-2 series – won the T20 opener with nine wickets – and saves the Ashes if they can win the four-day Manuka Oval (January 27-30)

With four points presented to win the game of football and the possibility of rain affecting things, England has a lot to think about.

Knight: England needs to change

Asked if the T20 rain could affect England’s attitude in the Test, Knight told reporters: “Fortunately.

“The weather can make it rain for a day or a half – we have seen in previous experiments how difficult it is to force the results. We just have to change and have different experiences in our head.

“You have to get the right to be violent in the game of cricket, then I have to find the right way to think about winning the game.

“We will sit down as a team and have a clear plan to try to get four points, which could put us in a very strong position ahead of the one-day game.”

Seam boxer Kate Cross and striker Lauren Winfield-Hill appear to be playing the game, with Knight saying the duo have been focusing on red cricket since their arrival in Australia and becoming a “key” to their hopes of success. results in four-day preparation.

Kate Cross has not been in the T20 international but seems to be ready to play in Test matches

Kate Cross has not been in the T20 international but seems to be ready to play in Test matches

Building Ashes in England has been difficult, players are ‘safe’ before moving to Australia and can train individually or with their families and then face obstacles when they come to try to avoid Covid. -19 touch list.

‘England must do better in crisis’

With a bad season now that further frustration in their quest to win the Ashes series for the first time since 2013/14, Knight has strengthened his side to remain optimistic.

The 31-year-old said: “It has been amazing the Ashes series before we even started and the rain has not been good.

“We knew things were going to happen to us and the preparations we made in Loughborough were necessary so that we would not have a bomb and get used to whatever was going on.

“You can complain about it and let it get to you or admit it is not in your hands, go ahead and try to do what was not right.

Humor helps me but it is hard for me to laugh when so many Australians tell me we have come for the season or should stay home!

England captain, Heather Knight

“I urge the girls to choose the second option because the second one will not help us at all, there is no reason for us to be useless.

“I’m trying to make the players feel comfortable and trying to communicate, almost more than you would if things were not going well and changing all the time. I think you need to communicate as much as you can and get along with people.”

Save the next five days and Tests in the future?

Knight also suggested that the game could be played at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, with a roof over its head, in an attempt to reduce rain damage, while speculating that storage days could be added to the future list.

The England ambassador has admitted that this is not possible on the list, which has been shortened to allow both sides to complete a 10-day isolation in New Zealand for the 50-over 50 World Cup, which kicks off on March 4.

“I think booking days in the Ash and the World Cup would be very useful, but with the system as it is, it is very small before the World Cup,” said Knight, whose team was eliminated from the semi-finals in 2020. storage.

“We have to leave the next day for Ash so that there is no room for change but maybe a future list can be used.

“On a highly-anticipated list that can be solid, you don’t want the weather to be a big issue, so I would be comfortable looking at different things.

“I also think that a five-day Test game can make things better for everyone – players, spectators – and make sure you don’t miss the competition you want to see.”

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