Texas High School Students Want More Protection With COVID

January 31, 2022

As the Omicron diversification takes place in Texas, public high school students are turning to a patent application process in an effort to ensure that school districts require more COVID-19 protocols, The Texas Tribune reports.

Students are asking to return to the rules of the mask or to develop specific courses. Sometimes they want the school sections to be closed temporarily during the operation.

“We could be doing a lot, and we choose not to [in order] to be open, at any cost, and in any other way, “Tiernee Pitts, director of demonstrations and senior at Cedar Ridge High School in the Round Rock Independent School District, told The Texas Tribune.

Since the school resumed its fifth vacation there have been 192,145 cases of COVID-19 students and 61,142 labor cases, The Tribune reported, citing the Texas Education Agency. This seems to be the largest phase since the plague began.

In the Fort Bend school district, more than 200 students have signed a petition calling for the closure of schools during the operation. One of the students, Jada Secretary, a new student at William B. Travis High School, said she had asthma and that walking on the streets among her classmates was difficult.

“Sometimes I don’t even want to rest,” the Secretary told The Tribune. “You really feel the air of people on you. That’s how close we were [in the hallway]. ”

Garland Alanis, 11, a student at Garland School School, says that Omicron is so common that three of his teachers are ill. Half of his eight teachers and most students do not wear masks, he told The Tribune.

About 700 people have signed a petition calling for Garland school officials to change, such as returning long-distance education to students who have been diagnosed with the virus, reviving the mask law, testing PCR, and providing school masks.

“It is a shame that our school district does not care about the health of students and staff, even though we are facing a deadly epidemic in Texas,” he said. request he says.

Students in Round Rock, north of Austin, came out and tried to get the authorities to establish safety rules. More than 1,800 signed an online petition.

The Tribune said government officials met with the organizers of student demonstrations and agreed to other measures, such as providing more testing space and higher quality masks.

Jenny LaCoste-Caputo, Round Rock district superintendent of public and communications schools, told The Tribune that the lack of staff makes some of the things difficult to achieve. For example, he said the government has not found enough people to investigate. The district had a program in the past when there were enough people.

The Tribune said the Texas attorney general is suing Round Rock ISD for demanding masks in schools – a law that violates the Gov. ban. Greg Abbott on the mask work. But Pitts, a student, said the mask is not operated and most students do not wear it.

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