Ardern has banned marriage as the Asia-Pacific countries fight Omicron

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says her government will also impose stricter Covid-19 restrictions – forcing her to cancel her marriage plans – as Asia-Pacific countries struggle to stem the tide of racism.

The process, which includes establishing stricter masking laws and restrictions on social media, follows the spread of nine cases between a couple who traveled between Auckland and South Island to a wedding. New Zealand has been closed to non-foreigners since March 2020.

Prohibitions in New Zealand and other Asia-Pacific countries differ from the UK, while Boris Johnson, whose ministry is under threat from Covid-19 insults, said last week “Plan B” was a plague such as wearing public masks. transport can be it ends.

“Our approach is to reduce the spread of Omicron,” Ardern said. New Zealand was one of the last countries to stop trying to eradicate the virus by closing borders and closing doors – leaving China as the only major country to follow such an approach.

Recent restrictions affected Ardern when he canceled his wedding, which is expected to take place in the coming weeks. “Life is like this,” he said, realizing that thousands of New Zealanders had experienced the worst of the plague.

In neighboring Australia, which struggled to get enough tests to cope with Omicron’s rapid spread, the daily number of positive cases rose by nearly 90,000 last week.

In Hong Kong, more than 4,000 people living in two dormitories have been detained for five days following what the local epidemic experts saw as a “massive” incident at one of the houses.

More than 100 people in both homes tested positive for the virus, according to government officials, after a cleaner who became infected with the Omicron virus believed it had caused the epidemic.

Carrie Lam, the city’s mayor, said the government could not lift restrictions before the Chinese New Year holidays. He defended the case when pro-Beijing newspapers in the city warned his government that the incident was “national security”.

Beijing is once again facing a growing crisis as China’s capital on Saturday unveiled 12 new cases, bringing the 34th number of cases reported last week. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics begin in less than two weeks.

In Taiwan, health officials have strongly recommended compliance and asked companies to encourage factory workers to receive the full vaccine as Omicron’s spread continues to grow.

On Saturday, the number of house-to-house transmission cases rose to 82 while tests among nearly 1,000 employees in the electronics industry found a positive of 60. On Sunday, the government reported another 52 cases of house-to-house transmission.

With the exception of a small spread in May last year, the country has halted the spread of the disease and reported 18,327 cases and 851 deaths from Covid-19.

Japan is also battling what has become the sixth-largest country, with its daily Covid-19 cases exceeding 50,000 on Saturday, setting a new record for five consecutive days.

More and more governors are urging the central government to put their territories at risk by avoiding overcrowding. The government is expected to expand this to 47 more districts from Tuesday.

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