Americans Tired of Democrats Calling Nations (VIDEO)

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is a stone with a great vocabulary and humor.

In a recent appearance on FOX News, he summoned Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and various other Democrats for accusing other Americans of racism.

He said Americans are tired of it, and he is always right.

Here is a transcript of his words, through FOX News:

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SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: [Biden] landed in Georgia two weeks ago and showed raw demagoguery in the gut. President Biden told millions of Americans – who do not want to have an election month, who want to have an election day, who believe that if you vote, you must prove who you are. – he told millions of Americans who believe this, that it is Bull Connor, George Wallace.

It disappointed me. It shocked millions of Americans. I was disappointed when he was Vice President to Harris, when he was running against President Biden for primaries. I was shocked when they all described President Biden as racist for not helping to wake up 10 year old children at 4:30 in the morning and drive them for two hours. Many black and white Americans oppose buses that call him racist. I thought this was a distraction from the Gentiles. This is not good for our country. It does not help our country at all.

The American people are too tired to be called racists or extremists or Nazis because they do not agree with the neo-socialist president’s plan to rise up. That’s why his voting numbers are on the way to the center of the Earth, and he has to stop.

Watch the video below:

Kennedy is right about this.

Democrats have been doing this for years and people are tired of it.

There is nothing better than a weak excuse.

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