Acknowledgment: Voters Prefer Republican Congression on Major Intermediate Matters

By Casey Harper (The Center Square)

Voters have agreed on how the Congolese Republican Republicans contribute to the biggest crisis as the mid-year elections approach, the most recent demonstrations.

The Politico / Morning Consult research released reports Wednesday that interviewed voters prefer Republicans to work for economic, employment, migration and national security. These figures, most recently in a series of ballots showing the majority of Democrats, come along with more than a dozen Democrats who have decided not to run for re-election.

The poll found that voters prefer the way Republicans contribute financially to Democrats 47% to 34%, Republican jobs 45% to 35%, outgoing 45% to 37% and national security 49% to 32%.

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Democrats have done well on issues such as climate change and health care, but rising prices and turmoil and the killing of US troops in Afghanistan along the Ukraine-Russia border have made national and economic security even better.

“It’s no surprise that so many House Democrats are retired,” said National Republican Congress Committee spokesman Mike Berg.

This week, two other congressional Democrats announced they would not run in the by-elections, bringing in 28, more than double Republicans 13. Members cite a number of reasons, including running for office, but political analysts say the losses are expected. intermediate time pushes many to throw in the towel quickly.

Democrats are currently dominating the U.S. House with a total of 221-212 two-occupied territories. A total of 435 seats are expected to be re-elected in November.

Wednesday’s poll comes after Gallup released the vote data Tuesday showed that a survey from 2021 showed significant changes for the Republican party.

Gallup released results showing that in 2021, millions of Americans have left the Democratic Alliance for the Republican Party. Gallup states that “the opportunity for a nine-year democracy in the first phase to the Republican edge with five points in the fourth phase.

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“The benefits of a nine-point democracy in the first phase and five Republican divisions in the fourth phase are some of the major issues that Gallup has tested for each party in each phase since it began measuring party identity and support in 1991,” Gallup said. he said.

Rasmussen another research A report Wednesday said that 50% of respondents said Biden’s first year “did not do well” while 12% said it was “very successful,” the rest in between.

“President Joe Biden’s first year in office did not go well, according to a majority of voters who said the Democrat had left a more divided country than when he was appointed,” Rasmussen said.

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