Candace Cameron Free on Compulsion to Become a Christmas Queen

Rich is a head that wears a holiday crown.

Ten movies, Candace Cameron Free still feels compelled to give as the bright star of the famous Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas. Since 2013, a new film featuring Candace, also known as the Christmas Queen, as the nets can tell you proudly, is showing off Thanksgiving Sunday. And, year after year, that becomes Hallmark’s top movie.

So yeah, the pressure is on Christmas Tournament, her 2021 trip that reunites Candace with her Fuller House stars John Brotherton, to deliver, both on the network and its loyal followers.

“I want to make the best movie that people love and want to watch again and look forward to every Christmas,” Candace recently told E! Articles in the promotion of its innovations Hallmark holiday gift collection, which includes home decor, kitchen appliances and star-shaped pens.

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