Beautiful Sleep: Recent Contributions From Hermès Home Collection Bear The Brand’s Inimitable Artistic Stamp

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By Avani Thakkar

If you think that the design of Hermès design with Birkin bags and silk scarves alone, consider also because a family home has valuable resources to find not only your ensembles but also your home. This season, the Hermès home collection is a way to connect between the exciting art of quilting and cashmere.

Well-known American designer Carson Converse also translated white cashmere through a Hermès-esque lens, and he encountered the problem by decorating the cashmere bed coverings with shiny gold thread. Known for his extraordinary talent for changing the look of the fabric, Converse hand-painted three soft cotton cashmere blankets borrowed from Italian designer and collaborator with former Hermès colleague Gianpaolo Pagni. These creatures are called New Haven, Fall River and Williamstown, after the cities in North America that are closely associated with quilt production.

Verve speaks to Florence Lafarge, director of the house of textiles in Hermès, to find out more about the Converse partnership and the artistry that has made Pagni art come to life….

Photo courtesy: Carole Bellaïche

Can you share the inspiration that Hermès decided to include in the collection?
The idea came from a series of harnesses that were placed under the saddlebags to move the riders’ bodies. In Hermès, horse and cavalier comfort is very important, and for a long time we were looking for a way to bring a new language of fabric home. Mainly because horseback riding has been connected to the house.

Photo courtesy: Studio des Fleurs

Quilting is made of two fabrics with padding in the middle. His goal is to isolate himself [the user] cold, heat and shaking. Originally from India, these scholars came to England and then to America in the 19th century.

With Converse, we made these bed sheets with natural white cashmere. They are woven with gold and white thread. Their measurements and the number of hand-finished bonds demonstrate a real technical skill.

What about a Converse project that was personally affected and forced you to go to the manufacturer for a co-operation?
Converse is a young American artist, and we recognize the precision and consistency of its design in textile design. She lives in Massachusetts, near Boston, and seems to have adopted local customs as well as an interest in art and family. Converse depicts the clearest fiction on his page – he writes, collects, stacks and sews the fabric very carefully and demonstrates the ingenuity of the creator, whose creations and technical skills are inseparable. We first connected via FaceTime! He immediately teamed up with this white quilt project with no gold in cashmere for Hermès.

Three Pagni statues were created in accordance with three solid principles: large, square, and triangular, of which they were originally multicolored. Before sending the artwork to Carson, we removed the colors and redesigned all the edges to create a variety of shapes and pieces. Wool fabrics, defined according to the function of the bed cover, are made of soft and light cotton.

Photos courtesy: Studio des Fleurs

The three types are flexible; they fold well, the sewing work shows its size, and with light, all the secrets of geometric drawings are fully integrated into the shape. Each drawing has its base: quadrilateral, chevron and diagonal. Born in the first few months of development and recognition, monochrome pieces are larger enough to make them simpler, more stable and more efficient.

How do Pagni designs relate to home and Converse styles? Take the work of translating them into fabric like cashmere through jewelry.
Pagni’s paintings are always amazing, and I always find her new ideas and excitement. I really like his works of art; the simple and straightforward form resembles a temporary form. I also appreciate its themes, typography, architecture and the use of colors.

Photo courtesy: Studio des Fleurs

Its inspiration comes from the love of photo collections and objects, especially photo albums and series of photos that can be created to fit. This is why I like making these trilogies of “good” stuff. This season, three white white blankets in cashmere are designed to be picked up at the Hermès home, a new fabric concept for modern home.

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